Shine Post – 1-12 (TV Batch)


[Nyanpasu] Shine Post – 1-12 [1080p]


– Added typesetting
– Completely retimed the script (line by line)
– Added missing honorifics (which for some reason were omitted in some places and used in others)
– Re-romanized many names (Kyoka -> Kouka etc)
– Added many line breaks
– Added translated OP/ED subs (with kanji and romaji lyrics).
– A multitude of overlapping lines were split.
– Each instance of Kyouka’s “deet deedle-dee” has been replaced with a “tutturu”
– Added chapters
– Amazon video and audio (thanks to varyg1001)
– Added translation of all OPs and EDs (romaji, kanji, Eng).

Insert songs and better typesetting for LINE messages will be added in the bluray. We did not want to hold up the release of our release for about 2 months (some of our group members are unavailable at this moment).


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